Cast Bronze Plaques

High quality traditional Cast Bronze plaques, ideally suited for memorials, special landmarks, corporate plaques and awards.

The plaques are fabricated from cast bronze and we can incorporate crests, logos, emblems. QR codes and photos can also be inset into the surface.

Cast Aluminium is also available, which is sometimes a good option if the weight of a large casting makes installation difficult.

Colours can be included and also profile cutting

Cast Bronze


  • Memorials plaque
  • Residential address plaque
  • Commercial address plaque
  • Event plaque (opening of a building park or other important public area)
  • Commemoration plaque
  • Sporting achievement plaque
  • Public recognition plaque
  • Landmark plaque (beauty spot or point of interest)
  • Historical site plaque
  • Notary or Lawyer plaque
  • Doctor plaque (and other profession of health)
  • Business plaque / Company plaque